Syriatube - Islamic State strikes from shadows in vulnerable Syria, Iraq

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ISIS executes 250 Syrian soldiers (GRAPHIC CONTENT)

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Syria. Multiple executions by FSA *graphic video* : CombatFootage

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Онлайн войната е втори фронт в Сирия

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Syria men's national basketball team

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Syria War Photos: GRAPHIC Pics Reveal Death & Horror

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Syria. Multiple executions by FSA *graphic video* : CombatFootage

Brutality is an everyday ordeal in the country that has been involved in a civil war that has pit government forces against rebel fighters.

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  • Humor is not prohibited however jokes in very poor taste are disallowed here.

  • It is a clash of two mutually irreconcilable narratives.

All of that obviously subjective.

  • Syria seems a pressure-cooker ready to explode in the middle of the most inflammable region of the world.

  • Hey, where are you going! For example, you could see that with Syria, a hashtag associated with Syria is Pray, and maybe talk to churches praying for the country, or notice the source, SyriaTube.

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