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The more build-up such as conversation especially listening to her, stimulates a woman and the more kissing, caressing, licking you do all over her body will drive up the anticipation and intensity of her orgasms.

  • He uses his arms and palms to support himself.

  • For me, I get turned off when guys just wanna jam it in asap.

  • If the man wants to satisfy his woman, all his actions must be conscious and motivated.

One way to get you more excited about having sex is to throw some variety into your sex life by trying out various sex positions.

  • Your partner should stand a few inches from a wall or by the edge of the bed with knees slightly bent.

  • But instead of grasping the receiver's hips, the penetrator can drape their body over their partners so that there's more skin-on-skin contact.

  • They should hold your knee and use it for support as they rock up and down.