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The measuring tape is unforgiving.

  • Anna selects about 30 young women during each of her Siberian scouting trips.

  • Jock Sturges, né en 1947 à New York, est un photographe américain.

  • She refused, and instead printed a poster that she plastered over the school, questioning why girls' bodies were the focus of the rules instead of boys' behavior.

Stocker unwittingly started a revolution by refusing to change out of a pair of shorts, when she was told they were not appropriate for school on May 21.

  • I did have a heart to heart with her about growing up and experimenting etc but she wasn't keen to persue it so I let it be.

  • Others proudly show off their curves.

  • La magie du travail de Jock Sturges réside dans sa vision épurée d'une beauté simple, sans astuce ni trucage.