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Many Vietnam veterans who returned home joined the hippie movement, introducing field jackets, vests, utility coveralls, and patches into hippie style.

  • The town is a center for spiritual teachers, meditation, alternative medicine, yoga, and a prime place to find healing crystals ā€” as well as occasional space travelers and Lemurians.

  • Along the way, they checked out various places that might be suitable for settlement.

  • But over the decades Ann Arbor's radicalism has tilted toward the mainstream: nowadays the typical local hippies are baby boomers who have made enough money to afford Ann Arbor real estate, and have kids who have already graduated from Community High.

Eugene wins this thing by a mile.

  • This is a cute, short, and fun name for a baby girl.

  • In fact, many sources say that early Christians wore their hair in dreadlocks.

  • City hippies are drawn to music, art, and culture, while mountain hippies gravitate to outdoor recreation, remote locations, and blissing out in nature.

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