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The Best Foot Fetish Community Online! That's not who I am.

  • Depending on how you like them and what you like about them, they are also fairly accessible, especially in summer months, warmer climates, and the realm of strappy-sandal-wearing celebrities.

  • Ozer's favourites include Joss Stone and Naomi Watts.

  • At level four, which is reachable after you've reviewed over 50,000 comments, a guilder becomes a Guild Knight.

Encyclopaedic database WikiFeet is the work of Eli Ozer, from Israel, who left his job as a programmer and animator to devote himself to the network, which now makes thousands of pounds through advertising.

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  • Beautiful and courageous nympho fans will get a lot of pleasure from double penetration and try to make a deep throat blowjob.

  • The opening page disclaimer reads: 'WikiFeet is a collaborative site for sharing, rating and discussing celebrity feet pictures and videos.