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What he has entered into is a conventional business deal that places commercial obligation.

  • It has some candid interviews and very private moments caught on set, such as arguments with cast and director, moments of a no-nonsense Kubrick directing his actors, Scatman Crothers being overwhelmed with emotion during his interview, Shelley Duvall collapsing from exhaustion on the set, and Jack Nicholson enjoying playing up to the behind-the-scenes camera.

  • Kubrick had rejected the initial version of the draft, written by King himself, as too literal an adaptation of the novel.

  • When You Need a Lift, Random House 2007 p.

Danny escapes outside through the bathroom window, and Wendy fights Jack off with a knife when he breaks through the door.

  • Additionally, the fact that he was regularly travelling to and from Liverpool meant that he could easily escape up North to avoid detection if police in London happened to get a little too close for comfort.

  • Could Jack the Ripper really have been seeking revenge on his wife for having an affair? It's not supposed to make sense.

  • Although it was plausible that Maybrick had died under suspicious circumstances, the decision that Florence was responsible, and her subsequent trial and imprisonment were later thrown into question.