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Only very few citizens are allowed access to the internet, while everyone else has to make do with the "Turkmenet", a controlled local version of the world wide web.

  • But to presume that these popular movements are all simple orchestrations of the United States exaggerates the role that this country is able to play and takes away any agency from the protesters themselves, who are reduced to the role of pawns in someone else's game.

  • Slaves were exempt from a lot of duties regular citizens had to do.

  • The majority of the men you saw on the streets were smoking.

What gave Niyazov a certain international renown were the more grotesque sides of his personality cult.

  • It often requires skill or technical know-how for efficient use and a better result.

  • It's only reasonable to make mistakes when soldering components are prepped trimmed or modified and , and "perfect" evolve with time.

  • On my Wechat feed, I have seen various Chinese acquaintances post comments on the plane crash, some of them blaming Malaysia or wondering if Russia is responsible, but I have not seen a single Wechat contact post anything on the events in the Middle East.