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Torture is the deliberate infliction of pain to extract information or to punish opponents.

  • A list of 29 names - including Jihad, Imam and Saddam - are said to bear 'separatist and religious tendencies', and have been prohibited by the authority of Muslim-dominant Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, according to media.

  • Corollary to this logic is that an innocent person who happens to be at the site of crime by sheer coincidence or a mistaken identity may be tortured by police to retrieve information or confession.

  • Several states, including Egypt, Pakistan, China and Uzbekistan, have already invoked the war on terror to justify abusing detainees and Muslim minorities.

The first is time:space, i.

  • Development of chronic pain syndromes after exposure to electrical torture has also been described and related to lesions in the central nervous system.

  • Second, a few of the commenters are right that fractional ratios are hard on the listener.

  • However, the police know that there is a reasonable chance that he will talk, if tortured.