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But there was a time when you had an image and that was it.

  • One of the most beautiful campuses in the nation architecturally, UC is headed by charismatic, get-shit-done president Santa Ono he has 20,000+ twitter followers and is friends with me on Facebook.

  • The number of political candidates who march in the parade, as well as the 2011 election of Chris Seelbach, our first openly LGBTQ City Councilmember, are hallmarks of growing acknowledgement of LGBTQ issues in local politics.

  • It felt great to be seen, to publicly shout our love for Autostraddle and each other, and to just waltz among rainbows and crowds of happy people.

This was simply one of the best sitcoms ever made along with Barney Miller.

  • The Most Necessary Nati Neighborhoods Cincinnati is quite a maze of neighborhoods, owing to the fact that it was originally built next to the Ohio River and then later expanded up into the hills surrounding it.

  • Video Interview: Go Go Buffalo Go Go Buffalo sat down to talk about not remembering how the band name came about, a song about stalkers, and their intense shows.

  • The rock band was also inducted into both the Kansas Hall of Fame and the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2015 in honor of their 40th anniversary.