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I started as a video dominatrix in rubber and latex fetish.

  • A distinct aspect of Jeju is the matriarchal family structures arising from social phenomenons such as the haenyeo "sea women" , who are often the heads of families.

  • Starting from the late 1970s, exports of sea products to Japan such as abalone and conch have made the sea women richer than ever, allowing them to fix their houses, build new ones in Jeju City and send their daughters to college.

  • What's weird to me is not necessarily weird to the vanilla bystander, but my strangest session by far ended up with me writing two comparative essays for the sub.

Accessories are a large part of BDSM.

  • My favorite things to do are feminazation, foot worship and ball busting.

  • While the type of play I typically engage in doesn't involve physical danger, if I were to accidentally transgress, I do absolutely honor limits.

  • Who are your typical clients? A pro-dominatrix may choose to have little or no sexual contact with their clients.