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  • Cinema and theater Arab citizens of Israel have made significant contributions in both Hebrew and Arabic cinema and theater.

  • Ministry data on the percentage of high school students who passed their matriculation exams showed that Arab towns were ranked lowest except for , which had the third highest pass rate 76% in Israel.

  • The Druze and Christian Arabs have higher employment than Muslims.

Where did you find them? They're looking forward to working with law enforcement to bring this allegation to conclusion and bring accountability for others that have been harmed.

  • The increasing population of Arabs within Israel, and the majority status they hold in two major geographic regions — the Galilee and the — has become a growing point of open political contention in recent years.

  • Tarif was later ejected after being convicted of corruption.

  • The Israeli government built seven development towns for the Bedouin between 1979 and 1982.