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Have you always worked with How did you start? Long, thick, veiny, strong hands are incredibly sexy to me.

  • I think there are a lot of women artists who are killing it in the digital space, but I'm mainly inspired and influenced by my friends and their progression as creatives and artists.

  • By confronting these themes, the artists address the ways that they have been systematically oppressed.

  • I usually spend my time with close friends or being creative alone.

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  • Although she never expected her artwork to take off and have the effect that it has — from enraging people who are offended by the female body to empowering other women to embrace themselves in every form — Marsico feels honored to be a part of that conversation and inspire others to think differently about censorship and sexuality.

  • It never ends, but it definitely has been better when it comes to posting my collages.

  • It was a great conversation starter.