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She then gave me six hard strokes of the cane across my bare bottom.

  • Josh does the honors, and there I am.

  • The party continued through the night!!! Watch this space for two more trailers from films featuring this trio of actresses: Lesbian Lovers Spanked, and Little Red Bottom-Hood.

  • Surely she wouldn't use it in front of Carol.

My wife Polly and I had agreed prior to his birth with that characteristic naive optimism of first-time parents that spanking was old-fashioned and unnecessary; in fact, frankly, we felt that it was cruel and barbaric.

  • Josh undoes my belt buckle and lowers my jeans and I feel as if I'm being readied for an execution.

  • As soon as I heard the cracking slap sound of my hand meeting his bot, followed immediately by his deep crying and unsuccessful straining to get up from my lap, it just felt right.

  • Because I had been punished for the same offence several times previously I was told that I was to receive four strokes of the cane.