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While the Marines are angry at her, Hancock points out she agreed to fight Whitebeard and his allies, but never stated she would call the Marines her allies.

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  • Luffy is actually possibly the only one beside Rayleigh and Shakky outside her family that she truly considers a friend.

  • Boa seems like too much of a push over for me to think the relationship would be healthy.

How old is Boa Hancock when she meets Luffy? She's been nicer to them since she falls in love with Luffy but still lies to them about her past and origins fearing she wouldn't be accepted by them if the truth came out.

  • Also known as White Chase, Smoker is one of the most impressive members of the Navy and one of their Vice Admirals.

  • Although, despite her possessiveness of Luffy, she was accepting of his friendship with Marguerite, one of her subordinates, as well as that of Sweet Pea and Aphelandra.

  • What episode does Luffy marry Hancock? Until Luffy can solo an entire legion of marines, he's not as poweful as Hancock.