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No one who enters an Italian home should fail to receive an offering of food and drink.

  • Another initiative was to create , such as in , the mainland of Venice, in 1995.

  • When the papyrus was first discovered in the 1820s, it caused such a scandal that the Musuem of Turin hid it for 150 years.

  • The Turin blaze came less than a week after a fire gutted a luxury apartment block in the nearby city of Milan.

More and more Italians are moving abroad Between 2006 and 2020, the number of increased.

  • So, the simple exercise of street prostitution could be no more persecuted by this kind of local bills.

  • Edizioni Unicopli, Milano 1999.

  • The popes were given a great deal of autonomy and were left with control over the legal and administrative system of Rome, including defense.