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For half a minute of more she was in a state of denial; refusing to believe what had just transpired.

  • You can go a step further by not allowing your submissive to speak while in a public place without asking permission first.

  • If you bind yourself, you can do so with things like scarves or clothing make sure it's not made of any silk-like material that will tighten when pulled.

  • It may be difficult to tie each wrist separately without someone else's help.

A tingling sensation rushed up her spine at the sight of her tethered legs and tape covered face; her shapely figure trembling with the joy of it all.

  • I needed a break from my own bossiness.

  • Were people getting boners back when stuff like that went on? You try as best you can to get to something such as the corner of a table to remove your gag; but if she has done a thorough binding and gagging job on you, it'll be of no use.

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