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9780972747004: Lights, Camera, Sex!

Book christy canyon Christy Canyon

Savage Fury (Video 1985)

Book christy canyon Lights, Camera,

Christy Canyon

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Book christy canyon 9780972747004: Lights,

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Book christy canyon Lights, Camera,

She debuted about the same time as Traci Lords and Christy, Ginger and Traci were the three top female porn stars of the time.

  • Not many girls would get that.

  • But we always kept in touch.

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This one is obviously a real human being, and a very talented one at that, capable of captivating one generation with her knockout body, and now, perhaps, another one with her engaging writing.

  • I remember that day very well.

  • Her husband is just a good, hard-working man.

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