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Her skin tone is white.

  • This is the usual ; however, high spring tides can raise the head water level in the reach above Teddington and can occasionally reverse the river flow for a short time.

  • They don't know that their children are connected or that this relationship is the flipside to the act of terrorism that occurred.

  • Particular churches, halls and other historic buildings and structures are associated with a ward, such as St Paul's Cathedral with , and London Bridge with Bridge; boundary changes in 2003 removed some of these historic connections.

Upriver, ' uses a large riverside mansion on the Thames as one of its key settings.

  • The lower reaches of the river are called the , derived from its long up to.

  • Several central London road bridges were built in the 19th century, most conspicuously , the only on the river, designed to allow ocean-going ships to pass beneath it.

  • Another example of a bomb-damaged place having been restored is on Holborn.