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I felt so bad for not liking her after that.

  • Even though the fence is tall enough to prevent the boys from peering in at her, and even though she stays lying on her stomach whenever she is topless, the boys seem to hit more than their fair share of foul balls over the fence.

  • My peers would often take guesses at where I could be from, and after revealing that I am of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent, the questions and commentary started pouring in.

  • Recently, a new neighbor moved in next door.

The fact that the other guy drove off before you did proves that he suffered from aggravation — nothing more.

  • Should I prohibit my sons from backyard baseball and make them go to the playground field a few blocks away? No man who wears a large size condom would have thrown a cup of coffee at a photographer on the street and then without explanation.

  • I have never done anything like this before.

  • Dear Concerned: The lotion spreading is not good at all.