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The 17 Best Gay and Lesbian Clubs And Parties In San Francisco: SFist

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Behind the Scenes at Masturbate

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Photos: A Look Behind the Scenes at the Early

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The venue was outside under a big tent overlooking Union Square, and since the event began early in the morning, the temperature was too cool for comfort.

  • With its dim red lighting and dive-y charm, not to mention music no one has heard since the days of Dancer From the Dance and the , this party is a vivid connection to the dark and sexy disco clubs of the past.

  • We traveled to many of the meetings in the city by foot.

  • Some wore wigs and others wore visors.

Worst of all when I got back to my room that night there was.

  • Loved the spa and saltwater pool.

  • It's consistently crowded with a bunch of guys who mostly know each other, or once slept together, and it's always more friendly and chatty than it is cruise-y.

  • Dates are also arranged in bars such as the Naples Cafe or the Chesapeake House, where nude go-go boys line up on the bar to gyrate to a disco beat under crimson lights.